The long lasso from Brockweir to the Beacon

If you want a more challenging walk than either A3 or A4 by themselves you can combine them to make a 7 mile walk. Alternatively you can start in Brockweir rather than at Whitestones, by taking the Wye Valley walk from opposite the bus stop on the main road in Brockweir. This makes a 9.5 mile walk with a moderately demanding uphill climb from Brockweir to Whitestones.

On the return journey, once you reach Whitesones you can either return along the same route ( the Wye valley walk), or you can continue down the minor road into Tintern. In Tintern you cross over the main road and head for the footpath on the river bank ( the other side of St Michael’s church). Turn left at the river, and the path takes you into Brockweir.

For an interactive version of this map click the image above or here

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