A3:The Cleddon falls/Duchess’s ride round from Whitestones

This is a lovely and very straighforward circuit on the edge of the Wye Valley west of Llandogo. As well as a waterfall which thunders away – particularly  after rain, there are four wonderful viewpoints – complete with benches, so that you can sit and absorb the ever changing views. This round can be combined with A4 for a longer walk. If you are feeling really energetic the walk can be extended to a 9.5 mile circuit from Brockweir to the Beacon


  • Grade: Easy – a relatively level, straightforward, walk
  • Length: 4 miles
  • Key Features:Fantastic views both up and down the Wye Valley; Cleddon falls
  • Refreshments: Llandogo shop ( Brown’s) or one of the cafes in Tintern.

For an interactive version of this map click the image above or here


Park at Whitestones car park. You can get there by taking the minor road, by the Wye Valley Hotel, out of Tintern (Tintern Parva to be precise). The road goes towards Trellech, but you just follow it to a T junction, and at the junction you will see almost opposite to you, the Whitestones car park.

Once you’ve parked, head upwards and to the right to join the main track, and bear right.  The track slopes gently upwards, passing three viewpoints on your right.

After the third viewpoint follow the track around to the left  for about 20 yards and then take a sharp right to continue along the Wye valley walk towards Cleddon.

At Cleddon you can take a small detour to have a better look at the waterfall.  Then continue along the Wye valley walk to the left of a white cottage, for about half an hour until you reach an opening where several paths meet.  At this point you can either continue onwards along the Wye valley walk and bridle path for about ½ mile to the Duchess’s ride viewpoint, or you can go sharp left along the forestry track through the woods.

Carry along the forestry track for about a third of a mile, and then turn left at the T junction.  Follow the track along until you come to Cleddon Hall on the left.  Just past this there is a stone wall on your left with a signposted path and gate which you take to go diagonally left across the field, and emerge onto a small road.

Go left along this and you’ll find yourself back in Cleddon hamlet, where you go right and retrace your route to the car park.

The walk

The walk begins at Whitestones, which is always a good place for a family outing.  There are picnic benches, barbecues, a children’s playground, and wonderful views southwards down the Wye valley.

This was a late autumn walk, with the remnants of leaves hanging desperately on to some trees, but most of the golden colour coming from the larches which grow in streaks along the Wye valley.

The leaves underfoot were losing their crispness and developing into a grey winter mush.  The day was cold and not very sunny, so the splashes of colour from the larches were welcome.  From the viewpoints the sun was reflecting off the top of the slopes opposite, lighting up the windows and roofs of St Briavels in the distance.

At the point where you turn sharp right, it’s worthwhile looking back to your left.  On a fine day there are lovely views of the Severn bridge and estuary.  Today the bridge was just about visible in the haze.

The path to Cleddon goes through a patch of younger trees, with birches which should be in their infancy but manage to look old and gnarled.  The path then begins to follow a stone wall.  The well defined track with stone walls on both sides which comes in on your left is the old road to Trellech, which served the valley before the modern asphalted A 466 was built.  The walls in this section get very little light, and make perfect homes for colonies of moss and ferns.

Soon you’ll hear the sound of running water ahead of you.  After you have crossed over a stream and are coming into the hamlet of Cleddon, you can take steps down to your right where you’ll get an excellent view of the falls – especially if it’s been raining.  Don’t go straight back up the steps but continue around on the narrow path, ducking underneath a lime tree whose roots are having a love affair with a very large boulder.  You will soon get to a T junction way where you turn left and this will take you neatly back to almost where you started your exploration of the falls.



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